Our Animation Projects.

Explainer Videos. Social Media Adverts. Online Marketing.

As a company, we offer top animation services that serve multiple marketing purposes. It isn’t enough for a video to just be creative and visually pleasing - our work is powerful, carefully structured and able to take your audience on a journey that prompts them to care about what you have to say and take action.

Our Recent Favourites.

Introduction to Frylight

Weshare. Healthcare

My Digisafe

Follicular Lymphoma Foundation

Gesher School

NHS Wellbeing

Together We Protect

Jarrold Christmas

Holocaust Education Trust

Animated Explainers.
Video is a very powerful communication tool that can be a big part of a strong & successful digital marketing strategy now more than ever. Explainer videos are the fastest way to take your customer from confusion to clarity. At Indigo Illusions, our skill is breaking down complex ideas and transforming them into really simple and stunning visuals that convey your message effectively to your clients.
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