The Ideas Factory, Cavendish House, 28-32 St Andrews Street, Norwich, NR2 4AE

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Sam From Olly's Olives

"Indigo have been an animated blessing for our olives. They are incredibly reactive when it comes to turning around projects for us; there work is always high quality, reasonably priced and they are full of out-of-the box ideas that they fuse with ours to help bring our videos and branded elements to life. Highly recommend."

Amy From Fathom

"The team at Indigo Illusions have been fantastic to work with. They took our brief and brought our ideas to life! They’ve been incredibly easy to communicate with and ensured all deadlines were met in good time! We look forward to working with them on future projects!"

Callum From Sibling Support 

“Indigo really responded to and engaged with the sensitivity of this project. Creating something very
 imaginative, touching and unique. They brought our character to life and really made it appeal to the 
young but also older audience.”