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Indigo Illusions is the animation and video production studio of co-founders Lucy Summers and Jake Sutcliffe - based in Norwich, UK.

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Who we are.

We create fun, informative and professional video marketing content for businesses that are looking to develop their branding and make some noise. At Indigo, we take our time to learn and understand our client’s marketing problems, and produce tailored animation and video content to enable them to find the right solution to these.

Our goal is to make our customers feel confident that they have a piece of work that truly represents their business’ individuality. And a piece of work that enables them to see a return investment and an increase in engagement within their businesses. We want our content to spark curiosity around who they are.

We do what we do because of our passion for moving image and what it can achieve. Indigo Illusions has evolved from Jake and Lucy's background in animation, so attention to detail and storytelling is the key driving force. In a world of out-dated marketing and advertising with no oomph, we work towards bringing a breathe of fresh creative air to that world.

Being part of an ever-evolving fast pace digital world can sometimes be scary to navigate when your hands are already full running your business. Allow us to support you in keeping your branding relevant, on-trend and giving your content longevity.


We've had the pleasure of working with...

Animated Explainers.
Video is a very powerful communication tool that can be a big part of a strong & successful digital marketing strategy now more than ever. Explainer videos are the fastest way to take your customer from confusion to clarity. At Indigo Illusions, our skill is breaking down complex ideas and transforming them into really simple and stunning visuals that convey your message effectively to your clients.
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