Case Study - Jarrold

November 30, 2020
“This is the second year that Jarrold has worked with Indigo Illusions and once again they have done a tremendous job on our Christmas Campaign. Lucy and Jake are a pleasure to work with, they listen carefully to a brief and use their talents to deliver strong, creative solutions. I hope we work together again very soon.”

Jarrold Christmas Campaign 2020 with Indigo Illusions...

After a successful outcome for last year’s Christmas campaign, the well loved Norfolk brand and department store Jarrold approached Indigo Illusions again to bring this year’s campaign to life. With the circumstances of this year’s Christmas looking completely different from the year previous, we were briefed to approach this with a very different feel from 2019’s campaign. Last year was all about the glitz and glamour and magic, whereas this year it was all about stripping it back for a classy, sophisticated and minimalistic approach.

Our animated graphic for Jarrold's 2019 Christmas campaign.

Whimsical Store Illustration...

Famous for its rich history, beautiful shop window displays, and fantastic kitchen and products, Jarrold is a very exciting establishment that we feel very privileged we’ve been able to partner up with for their last 2 Christmas creatives. This year our first piece of work was to create a store illustration for print that was going to be the primary image across all their main Christmas advertising this year. Indigo’s goal was to create something classy that really reflected Jarrold’s heritage and being the home of Christmas. Words such as whimsical, warm, quirky and pretty were the key feelings requested before we started the work.

Once the initial illustration was created, it was sent to publishers of various local magazines to be featured in such as Places & Faces, Vanilla, Norfolk Magazine and more. We were delighted to open the Norfolk Magazine to see our illustrative work first page bringing to life the ‘Home of Christmas’.

Bringing it to life with animation...

To support this, Indigo then went on to transform the still image into something animated that would compliment the initial asset and live again across their digital campaign - their web banner and social media channels. This really is the best bit! We love filling in all the little details and making it come alive through movement.

Animated Explainers.
Video is a very powerful communication tool that can be a big part of a strong & successful digital marketing strategy now more than ever. Explainer videos are the fastest way to take your customer from confusion to clarity. At Indigo Illusions, our skill is breaking down complex ideas and transforming them into really simple and stunning visuals that convey your message effectively to your clients.
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