Case Study - Community Security Trust

March 9, 2021

£4 Million raised for CST’s online campaign! 

Last month, Indigo Illusions worked with the London based agency Creative and Commercial to contribute towards their online ‘Together We Protect’ campaign, to help raise money for the Jewish charity Community Security Trust. CST began shortly after the Holocaust when British Jews came together to fight fascism. Since then they developed into a modern day organisation that stands up against antisemitism and terrorism. Due to the pandemic and not being able to host in-person fundraising events, they needed to create an online campaign to raise money and continue the crucial work they do to safeguard Jewish life in the UK. 

Indigo worked closely with C&C and CST to create a short animation that would run alongside the campaign and tell the story of the charity’s history and the work that they do. It was a great opportunity to learn about the events that had taken place and seeing the community work together. Our job was to highlight that in a way that really captured people’s attention and to reflect what CST is all about. 

We were thrilled to see that CST raised £4 million from the ‘Together We Protect’ campaign and had smashed all fundraising records! As well to see our film had 14.7K views on their Twitter page! 

You can find out more about CST’s work on their website:

Or see information about the campaign on their twitter page: @CST_UK

You can watch the full film on Indigo’s animation portfolio. 

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