Case Study

Olly's Summer of 21

Video support for Olly's Summer of 21 campaign


Olly's (previously Olly's Olives) are the London based snack brand that many of you know by now, we've been working with from the start of our own journey as a video studio. We've partnered up for several creative projects in the past producing all sorts of whacky animations and video content for their explosive and funky social media channel. Olly's not only produce olives, but have now branched out into the world of nuts and pretzels, and have lots of delicious flavours and ranges to choose from.


We were briefed by the amazing BuxtonThreeTwo for another great collaboration to take the trip to Hyde Park for a lifestyle shoot in preparation of their Summer of 21 box launch. The brief was essentially for everybody to just have lots of fun and for us to capture all those good vibes!


After a busy day in London (eating lots of pretzels) and capturing plenty of fun footage of the 'Fam-Olly' we compiled together some jazzy videos for Olly's to use on their socials to support their box launch.

The Process

We worked closely with the guys at BuxtonThreeTwo to get everything ready for the day. A huuuuuge shot list was compiled and our mission was to tackle as much as possible, making sure we were capturing those natural and fun moments. Once we arrived in London and the set was put together, many of the Ollys team's friends and family arrived to be part of the shoot day. It was a glorious sunny day, the beer was flowing, music going, everyone having a great laugh! It was a real good chance to get creative.