Case Study

My Digisafe

Animated explainer video for website home page


My Digisafe is a digital storage platform that provides a safe and secure environment for users to store their personal, financial and important data in one place. Either for people trying to get more organised, or for those dealing with end-of-life matters and wanting to provide their next of kin with an easier way to access all their documents.


The team at My Digisafe were looking to update their current website, give it a lick of paint and have a shiny brand new explainer video to match the quality of their newly designed website. The video needed to be informative, but really light hearted and fun as it was covering a sensitive topic.


We had the opportunity to get really creative with this one and everyone was super happy with the results! The explainer covered every aspect really well, capturing everything that was needed in a short 90sec video, that was ultimately fun to watch as well as getting every message needed out.

The Process

We love explainer projects here at Indigo... and My Digisafe gave us a lot of creative freedom on this, which really gave us the opportunity to produce the video to really high standards. With a short explainer, it's crucial to communicate the message in a snappy and easy to digest way. Especially for complex services or products that are new to the market, and people are hearing this information for the first time.

The Process

We wrote a script that kept everything short and sweet, but also kept things fun and opened up more opportunity to get creative with the visuals. As the MyDigisafe customers are primarily people dealing with end-of-life matters who want to make probate easier for their loved ones, it was important we kept it easy going and not too serious.

When it came to design and animation, we really wanted to push our characters ahead and create stuff that looked really good and clean. There were a lot of characters featured in this short video, so a lot of time went into designing and rigging. Overall, a super fun and creative project to work on!