Case Study

Algenuity Ingredients

Video series for Food Tech Event and Website

"At Algenuity Ingredients, we have found Indigo to be highly creative and talented in producing quality video content. They listen to requirements and come up with great ideas."


Algenuity Ingredients is a biotech laboratory based in Bedfordshire. Their team of scientists and innovators have developed an alternative plant-based protein made from one of nature's smallest and oldest plants - micro algae. Their product is completely neutral in taste, zero-waste and full of nutrients, so you can use it in anything and it's great for the planet! They are on a mission to become the most sustainable source of plant protein available.


We were briefed by the Algenuity team to create a short film for their digital stand at the upcoming Food Tech Event that shares their story and explains the benefits to food producers who are looking for alternative proteins to use in their products. They were also looking for a series of videos to sit on their new website to explain different aspects of Algenuity.


After three separate shoots dotted around the country, we pulled everything together to produce the series of short films. The event showcase was successful and the team were really happy with the videos that went on to be used on the website and across social platforms.

The Process

From the outset, we spent a lot of time with the team getting to know them and their mission. It was really inspiring for us to take part in this project and really get to know the fantastic people behind this world-changing break through. Our filming sessions were split between three locations; Attleborough, Liverpool and Bedfordshire.

The Process

The first part was filming the chlorella ingredient in food products and show case the functions of it. We did this with the wonderful Alex Bailie at his studio in Attleborough. Next on the agenda was to go interview CEO of Algenuity, Andrew Spicer, talking on the process, their story and the benefits of using their chlorella.

We visited his laboratory in Bedfordshire to do this and got to see how it was made and grown. Lastly was a trip up to Liverpool to visit Algenuity's partner Mara Renewables Corporation who are a leading Canadian biotechnology company that work on manufacturing operations at the Algal Omega 3 site in Knowsley. This is where their product will benefit from necessary fermentation scale to commercialise Chlorella Colours with full production in 2022.